Safety First

Minimising risk by transporting according to HSE standards

‘Safety First’ is a principle we have been following since our very beginning, so we want to keep onto it as tightly as the cars keep onto the road, driving on our asphalts! We want each of our Customers to get a maximum satisfaction from ONICO Bitumen products.

For ONICO Bitumen, safety is 100% crucial, so safe loading, transport and unloading of our bituminous product is always done according to HSE standards. So, we minimise risk, while protecting people and natural environment. According to up-to-date reports, 50% of accidents and events related to bituminous products happened during delivery and unloading. Temperature of delivered products reaches 190°C.

For these reasons, we strongly recommend to our employees working with bituminous products the use of Personal Protective Equipment:

a helmet with a face shield and googles ensuring full face safety

a neck apron for nape protection

an overall with additional safety reflectors

long heat-resistant protective gloves

one-piece safety overall with long sleeves and legs worn over boots

ankle-high protective footwear

NOTE: do not use sandals, clogs or sports footwear.

All of the above requirements aim to minimise the risk of injury or burns.

Bitumen burns:

Bituminous work safety:

ADR written instructions: