ONICO Bitumen part of the ONICO S.A. Group

We team up only with the best!

Since we believe the statement,  ONICO Bitumen is part of ONICO S.A Group, a leading  provider of liquid fuels in Poland. We operate according to a tried and tested business model, based on many years of experience in petroleum products trading on the national and global market.

Since 2009, ONICO S.A. has provided cross-border supplies of liquid fuels and O&G products by road, rail and sea. With a qualified team, local expertise and our well-established market position, we deliver products to leading energy companies in Europe, acting as intermediaries between the manufacturer and the buyer, providing professional warehousing, logistics and transport service.

A committed team, steering clear of speculative measures and our adopted risk management system help us guarantee security and continuity of supplies to even the most demanding business partners.

ONICO  S.A. also has on their team ONICO Energia, specialising in wholesale natural gas trading and supplies on the European market. Our offspring includes ONICO OIL – the official distributor of Castrol Industrial products. Recently, our group was enlarged with one of the leading HR consultancy and recruitment companies – GRUPA MOST WANTED! Sp. z o.o. A broad offer and bringing together of various sectors is our headline target. Our strength lies in synergy and numbers.