ONICO Bitumen values quality

High standards of production and world-class quality!

Quality always pays off and it is attested, when not our products, but our Customers come back to us. ONICO Bitumen certainly values quality, so we take great care in providing our Customers with the best possible products, complying with the highest norms and standards; for these reasons, our Customers always come back to us with their new projects.

ONICO Bitumen specializes in distribution of dedicated, high-quality bitumens products for road construction and manufacturing industries.

Thanks to our extended supply chain based on cooperation with leading global and European producers specializing in the production of road, modified and industrial asphalts, we offer unique opportunities for a diversification of supplies of bitumens products with a guarantee of their stable quality.

Quality at our partners begins with product development at their highly specialized laboratories. Years of experience and expertise acquired through research combined with carefully selected ingredients and sophisticated procedures guarantee that our products maintain high technical standards. Each according to the latest and the most rigorous requirements.

Refineries process crude oil from every part of the world. But only certain kinds of oil are appropriate for bitumens products, obtained through fine distillation and further technological processes. In cooperation with our partners, we provide world-class and high-quality bitumens products. They are suitable for the most challenging uses, thus maximizing Customer’s benefits.

We guarantee you stable supply based on:

  • 9 refineries producing bitumens products in the region
  • 8 specialized plants producing road, modified and industrial bitumens

Reliable logistics:
ONICO Bitumen cooperates with companies having specialized transportation equipment and a long-standing experience in the carriage of dangerous goods (ADR).

With ONICO Bitumen, every road is easier, but most of all, every road is the road to success.

Our business model: