Environmental benefits of asphalt roads

Why is bitumen the best solution?

It has long been proven that bitumen is the best solution for roads of varying traffic intensity e.g. motorways, express roads, both trunk and local roads. Bitumen is harmless to people and the environment. It presents the unique opportunity of a 100% recycling of removed asphalt pavement during the production of new mineral-asphalt mass. Asphalt durability is significantly greater than durability of other types of road surface (perpetual pavement). In addition, asphalt protects the landscape from acoustic screens. Here are several strong reasons why it is best to choose bitumen:

ikonkaFirst, it’s easy to use

  • In the production and construction of bitumen pavements, the use of energy is 20% smaller than in other road solutions.
  • Bitumens asphalt surfaces with special viscoelastic qualities can be re-used several times, retaining their top efficiency levels, even for new asphalt roads, with the exact same productivity.
  • Vehicles move the fastest on the asphalt. Asphalt surfaces help to decongest traffic, reduce time spent in traffic jams, and therefore the cost of spent fuel.
  • Bitumens surface are extremely easy to repair and can be entered into service in a matter of a few hours.

komfortSecond, it’s comfortable

  • Research demonstrates that in Europe, the quiet, asphalt roads reduce noise by 3 to 5 dB(a).
  • All Formula 1 racing tracks are made of asphalt. Coincidence? I think not!
  • All the road signs have the best visibility on asphalt roads, they wear slower and survive the longest.
  • Asphalt surfaces guarantee an efficient, quiet and a totally anti-slip road surface.

safeThird, it’s safe

  • Asphalt is characterised by the best visibility in rainy conditions.
  • It’s the safest for motorway workers.
  • There is a good reason why all the races are run on asphalt roads, since they guarantee the best grip, and therefore the greatest safety.
  • Asphalt is not only pleasing to the eye, but is also the safest road surface.

ekonomicznyFourth, it’s economical

  • Bitumens asphalt surface creates a road that is smooth, durable, safe and quiet.
  • Asphalt road can be constructed quickly, which reduced delay times in traffic and road-use related costs.
  • Asphalt surfaces are one the largest renewable resources.
  • Asphalt can be laid at night, which saves commuters from costly delays and morning traffic jams.

Bitumen technology has been used for over 160 years. Its outstanding qualities, easy use and durability of construction are appreciated by every road user. Bituminous pavements, thanks to continuous improvements, are environmentally safe, ecological, and meet all anti-noise requirements. Bitumen is the best solution for every road!

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